5 Ways to Find the Best Airport Taxi Service in the PH

Luminous Taxi signThe negative news on taxi drivers and transport companies may leave you skeptical on hiring their services. But we’ve also got good news recently—stories of cabbies doing good deeds. That said, your choice of taxi service could be vital in having a great transport experience.

Having trouble finding the best taxi service in the airport? Follow these steps:




1.Before you wave your hand to passing vehicles, check the most visible factors from afar: color and top light.

Hunt the official airport taxis—the yellow ones. Yellow taxis are metered, white ones are “coupon” taxis.

Top light
See approaching units’ top light, which must bear the phrase “premium taxi.”


2.Once a cab stops, observe its body and the driver and scrutinize the following:

The taxi must display proofs that it is a registered transport vehicle. Aside from plate number, the taxi must hold the required sticker/s and the name of the company and its address on the door. The vehicle must show the LTFRB hotline on its body, too.

Clear windows
The vehicle must have transparent windows.

See if the driver wears their prescribed uniform and company ID. As regards the driver’s character, you may get hints from the way he speaks and talks to you. He must be courteous and relaxed when responding to your questions.


3.Glance at the inside to know if the unit carries the following devices:

Authorities require taxis to have air conditioners and GPS tracking and navigation devices.

The taxi must have an electric fare payment device on board and must issue receipt.


4.When riding a taxi, notice how the driver behaves and performs his duties.

Driver’s conduct
Observe how the cabbie drives the vehicle (consider the speed, traffic violation, etc.) and beware of signs of possible modus.


5.Once you get to your destination, be mindful of the amount you need to pay. Check the meter reading and ask for a receipt.

Airport taxis’ flag-down and fare for succeeding meters are slightly higher than “common” taxis.

Taxis depicting the aforesaid descriptions and a good riding experience are a proof of best service.

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