8 Primary Things to Bring When Traveling to and in Manila

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What should a traveler or tourist like you have inside your bag as you travel around Manila and/or nearby places in the Philippines?

Here is a list of travel essentials:

1. Passport

As a traveler, always make your passport handy, whether you’ll visit Manila or go anywhere in the world. This serves as an easy way to identify you.


2. Visa

Temporary visitors from certain countries may not need to present a visa when coming into the country for a certain length of stay. These nationals can enter the country if they will not overstay by holding valid tickets for a return journey or next stop. Read the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) guidelines on the entry of temporary visitors here.


3. Identification (ID)

Bring at least two valid IDs, if possible the ones from the government. Local authorities accept student’s ID cards as foreign guests’ form of identification.


4. Cash

Don’t just bring money into the country. Foreign travelers must know if their country of origin has existing laws on the limit of required foreign currency to bring or carry. If your country has such a law, learn the limit and the agency to which you should declare your excess money (if any). Exchange them to peso so you won’t have to worry on payments when credit cards won’t work.


5. Credit card(s)

Take advantage of credit card firms that do not charge foreign transaction fees. Yet be sure to use them in businesses that accept them.


6. Itineraries

Always bring your trip schedule, reservation documents, route details, and travel plans. These will help you along and get you to your destination on time.


7. Tickets

For a worry-free transfer from one place to another, keep tickets inside your bag. Local trains and buses issue tickets that serve as receipts, a proof for later inspection; thus, losing them can sometimes be a great burden.


8. Emergency contacts

With a notebook or diary, place the name of your contact person in case of emergency. Include his/her contact details (telephone number and e-mail address).

Likewise, be prepared with other basics such as Google Maps app, travel insurance details, loyalty program cards (for hotels, resorts, etc.), health insurance cards, hotel/tour contact details, and pen.

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Image courtesy of Jim Jackson at Pexels.com