8 Stunning yet Affordable Tourist Spots in the Philippines

Are you tired of the usual tourist spots your siblings keep on referring each time you’re in the Philippines? Check out these new places for your next trip! They may not be as deluxe as your usual stop, yet low rates and warm welcome awaits you!

1. Apo Island

Top view Apo Island

Source: youtube.com

Apo Island is a small, pristine island spoiled with white sand, calm waters, and unique rock formations. Found just a few kilometers off the coast of Negros, Apo Island is great for scuba diving trips.



2. Danjugan Island

Top view Danjugan Island

Source: prccf.org

Danjugan Island is a marine and wildlife reserve found in Cauayan, Negros Occidental in the south of the country. More so, this island is a rainforest with five lagoons, three landlocked while corals and reef fish species colonize the other two due to high tide.



3. Bucas Grande Islands

Bucas Grande Islands

Source: pinoytravelpod.com

In the town of Socorro in Surigao del Norte lies Bucas Grande Islands packed with caves, white sand beaches, mangroves, waterfalls, inland lakes, fishing grounds, and corals.



4. Caramoan Islands

beautiful Caramoan Islands

Source: shoestringtravelers.com

The calm Caramoan Peninsula is a hidden bliss in Camarines Sur best for swimming, nature tripping, and island hopping. Aside from white beaches, waterfalls, and islands, Caramoan has cliffs for rock climbers, caves for fearless explorers, and a wildlife sanctuary at the Caramoan National Park for bird-watchers.



5. Romblon

Mountaineers in Romblon

Source: wowromblon.com

Besides being the main source of marble in the Philippines, Romblon is likewise a must-visit place in the country. With a height of 2,058 meters, Mt. Guiting-Guiting on Sibuyan Island is a dare to mountain climbers. Romblon boasts of crystal-clear rivers, waterfalls, and beaches, too.



6. Baler, Aurora

Scenic lake in Baler

Source: touristspotfinder.com

Baler, Aurora is a place caught between an ocean and a mountain range: Pacific Ocean on the east and Sierra Madre on the west. Away from the city, its grace stays untouched. Sabang Beach waves are perfect for surfers while nearby islets are great for snorkelers.



7. Catanduanes

Surfing in Catanduanes

Source: texaninthephilippines.com

Catanduanes’ Puraran Surf Beach Resort is the site of the so-called “majestic” waves so loved by surfers. Aside from this, it has white beaches along its coastline, flowing waterfalls farther inland, and diving spots for snorkelers and scuba buffs.



8. Camiguin Island

White sand beach in Camiguin

Source: toptouristspotphilippines.weebly.com

In spite of being the country’s second-smallest province, Camiguin packs much. It has one active volcano, two waterfalls, three hot springs, and three mountains. One more awesome spot to visit in Camiguin is its underwater cemetery!

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