Ways to Engage in a Foolproof Transaction with a Taxi Driver

taxi meter in yellow filterWhen riding airport taxis in the Philippines, passengers consider two important things: safety and security. OFWs, foreigners, and daily commuters not only seek for the cheapest transport services; they, too, hunt for the safest and most trusted airport taxi drivers that could veer them away from accidents and crimes.

Do you want to ensure a safe trip with a taxi driver? Heed these tips:



1. Go for a yellow, metered airport taxi when you travel alone late at night. Its starting rate and rate per kilometer may cost higher due to queuing and accreditation, but it is no less more reliable than ordinary taxis.


2. Choose a cheaper, regular taxi during daytime. You will see them lined up at the airport’s departure area.


3. Identify the driver and the taxi you are riding. If available, use your phone’s camera to record vital license and plate numbers and other details that you can see inside the vehicle.


4. Instead of saying your target destination aloud, write it clearly on a piece of paper and show it to the driver. Some chauffeurs make a mistake and mix up similar-sounding words; hence, jotting them down will save you from potential hassles.


5. Ask the driver to turn the meter on before riding a taxi. If he refuses, reject the ride and search for another cab. Such types usually demand a higher fare even for short distances, so avoid them.


6. Get an estimate of how much your ride will cost. This will help you budget your money and avoid overcharging taxi drivers.


7. Always prepare smaller bills and coins when commuting. Some drivers may claim not having enough denominations to give you back your change, so always keep your smaller pennies handy.


8. If you deposit your luggage in the cab’s trunk, leave the rear door open and don’t give your payment until you have unloaded all your things. This will prevent drivers from speeding off and taking your belongings by accident.


9. If you enjoyed the ride and your driver had been helpful and polite, give him a tip. It may be small but it can boost him to continue his good deeds despite life’s challenges.


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Image courtesy of John Cobb at Pexels.com